Important notes:

  • 20/06 : Starting from now, the official center in charge of the pandemic numbers will only update from Tuesday to Saturday included. In other words, on Sunday and Monday, there will always be 0 new case, death and recovery.

  • 26/05 : 85 serologically positive cases have been removed from the figures. Serologically positive cases indicate a past infection. This is in contrast to the positive PCR tests, which indicate a new infection. These 85 were thus removed from the statistics for new infections

  • 06/05 : 110 deaths reported + 229 additional hospital deaths reported between 24/03 and 4/05 added retroactively

  • DISCLAIMER : the day-to-day deaths totals may be incorrect until 12/05 as there were mistakes in the official reports for daily additional deaths. We will correct those numbers as soon as possible