Important notes:

  • As of 02/04, France has not yet added cases and deaths from retirement homes. As far as we know, for now, there have been 14,638 cases and 884 deaths in total in those. These numbers are, for now, << very partial official numbers >> as they're still collecting all data.

  • On 03/04, 1,416 deaths have been registered in retired homes since the beginning of the outbreak, 66% of them have reported at least one case. We've added those numbers on 03/04 to have a more precise total until we have more insights on deaths dates.

  • On 04/04, added 21,348 cases and 2,028 deaths from retirement homes since the beginning of the outbreak. We will change our stats day by day when we'll get more insights about those.

  • 06/04 : 23,620 cases and 2417 deaths in total in retirement homes since 01/03.

  • 20/04 : Due to an error in counting numbers in France for the past two weeks, which was caused by French ministry starting counting ESMS cases as well on 01/01, we had to subtract around 60,000 cases from the country. (We were adding the official total cases and total in ESMS - Other sources like JHU or BNO are still counting as such ...)

We're deeply sorry. France numbers have all been rechecked and are now up to date.