The negative number of cases on 27/04 is due to our source RTVE changing their daily numbers. An explanation :

From RTVE (translated with DeepL) :

"On the other hand, since April 20, the organism began to offer the data of people with positive antibodies without symptoms at the time of diagnosis, on which it warned that "it is not possible to establish a moment of contagion nor if they have suffered the disease or not". Therefore, taking into account this criterion, up to 28 April a total of 232,128 cases have been registered in Spain, according to the historical series offered by the Carlos IIII Health Institute. The director of the Health Alert and Emergency Coordination Centre of the Ministry of Health, Fernando Simón, has warned that his department will provide this data gradually and not on a daily basis."

We're still debating about what to do, but as for now we're giving the embedded numbers.

Thank you for you comprehension.

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